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Why Choose Our Language School?

  • A Wealth Of Experience And Reputation

    Through many years of teaching these languages, we have both the experience, professionalism and official qualifications to provide these courses.

  • Certification And Memberships

    Upon registration, students get instructors who work with them throughout the program. After completing the enrolled course, a certificate will be provided to attest the level of the student at no extra cost.

  • Affordable Cost

    With some due diligence and many testimonials, most people would agree that we offer these professional level language training services are a very competitive price, without sacrificing the quality. We also provide group deals or specialized courses that are tailored to meet certain needs.

  • English Language Courses
  • Spanish Language
  • Turkish language

Language Programs

We start by getting to know you. What learning your objectives are, what you need for your academic or professional life. The content of any course is adapted to the client’s need and it can either be a one-to-one training or in group class.

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Translation Services

T.A.L.C also offer a range of translation services that can be customized to fit your needs. We work with specialist translators who understand many business lines and ensure that you receive top-quality translation services for every project. In addition to translation, we can provide other language services such as certified translations, localization, and interpretation.

Corporate Services

From the banking, medical, judicial industry to government institutions, we have methodologies and professional trainers that deliver targeted training for your sector or company.

We make sure that your employees get practical improvements in their communicative abilities, which they can use in the workplace immediately.

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