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Flexibility is the key to success when working with clients who have ambitious goals and limited time.

You can depend on us for a consultative approach to designing your training: content, medium, times and format are tailored to your needs, priorities and conditions. We can proudly say that hundreds of clients rate us as ‘Excellent’ in their independent reviews.

Our reporting tools allow you to see the progress that your employees are making in developing key communication skills and the impact of the training on their confidence. These are available whether you choose our face-to-face training or online blended solutions. We understand your objectives and adapt course content to you. Our customers consistently rate their experience as Excellent.

We start by getting to know you. What learning objectives are, What you need for your academic or professional life. The content of any course is adapted to the clients and is as close to one-to-one training as you can get in a group.

You can take advantage of our wide range of intercultural and business seminars. We work with specialist translators who understand many business lines and ensure that you receive top-quality translation and interpretation services for every project.

No matter where you are or where you want to go, we’re here to help you with our NEW flexible policies designed to give you complete confidence when you book.

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We believe that language is the key to linking the world and allowing us to participate, share, connect and develop a greater understanding, tolerance and togetherness as society.

We strive to offer the fastest and most effective way to learn to communicate securely and utterly understand each other. we continuously offer an excellent experience to all students. Our business has been guided by three key principles: our expertise, client experience and clear outcomes. We are proud of what we do, and that these three principles are equally strong and important to us. We offer a wide range of language courses for companies, adults, children and teenagers. You can take advantage of our wide range of intercultural and business seminars.

As the business world is becoming more and more international, mastering languages ​​and intercultural understanding is a crucial skill today. With our teacher-led training, we hope to help individuals and companies handle the linguistic and cultural needs that they so much need for effective communication especially in the daily needs.

To create a memorable experience for all, we have carefully selected high-quality and attentive trainers, staff and homestay hosts.

T.A.L.C also offer a range of translation services that can be customized to fit your needs. We work with specialist translators who understand many business lines and ensure that you receive top-quality translation services for every project. In addition to translation, we can provide other language services such as certified translations, localization, and interpretation.


We treat participants as experienced adults with a great deal to contribute to their course. Work is concentrated. Time is precious. All our courses are intensive.

  • The schedule is planned but flexible.
  • No single training method suits everyone. We are sensitive to different learning styles.
  • Our approach is always practical. People need to use a language, not just study it.
  • Small is beautiful. We restrict the numbers in our classes so that we can always ensure a really personal service.
  • Any language is important because it is used for international communication. We offer a multi-national, multi-cultural environment.
  • Learning is a collaboration – between the trainer and the learner, and between individual learners.
  • Learning never ends. We know that your course with us is just part of a bigger picture. We try to give you the tools to continue to develop your skills after you leave us.
  • Our courses are stimulating. Language learning is sometimes quite hard work, but you will never be bored.
  • Our courses are demanding. The more you put in the more you will get out. We help you to learn – we cannot learn for you.
  • Our courses are enjoyable. They are more effective that way.

Our Clients

From the banking, Medical and financial industry to government organizations, we have methodologies and professional trainers that deliver targeted training for your sector and company. We make sure that your employees get practical improvements in their communicative abilities, which they can use in the workplace immediately.

Among our clients are companies of all sizes, from local businesses to multinational organizations. We work in most industries and have an excellent track record of delivering services across cities, regions and countries – wherever you need our support. We analyze feedback and progress from the point of view of both the learner and trainer and agree the most appropriate reporting methods with each client.

Our Approach

Customized, bespoke training with a consultative approach to design, delivery and reporting. We can build a corporate training solution for your organization based on your goals and unique requirements. We take great care to make sure that everything we deliver is relevant to the needs and objectives of our clients, which means taking the time to understand them. We put in place clear objectives and measure progress against these to make sure that learners reach their goals.

Group courses for individual employees

For over the years, many of our corporate clients have sent their employees to join our multi-national courses which are delivered online. Our trainers are mature, qualified and, above all, experienced. Our methodologies focus on getting the most out of people, encouraging cooperation between the trainer and the learner – and between individual learners. We are constantly exploring news ways of making our training more effective and relevant to the needs of our clients.


Our end-of-course reports not only record the progress participants have made in key communication skills, but also measure how their confidence has increased during the course. By measuring the improvement in a participant’s ability and confidence, we can demonstrate a clear return on your investment.

Our virtual English language courses are designed for people who want to experience individualized training from our experienced trainers without the need to travel to our centers. The courses are delivered to small friendly groups through virtual classrooms where you will be able to interact with your trainer and the other people in your group. You can add on blocks of 5 or 10 hours of individual Skype lessons to each course for further personalized individual training.

The benefits

Whether, travelling, eating out, dealing with health problems or simply making conversations, our online courses are designed to make you more proficient in everyday communication situations and activities. As a result of these courses you can expect to:

  • greet people, socialize and make arrangements
  • describe things and explain what you mean
  • make polite offers and requests
  • express likes and dislikes
  • ask for and make recommendations
  • converse on a wide range of topics

Get individual training with our Zoom / Skype lessons at a time that suits you – lessons are available all day, including evening and weekends.

Meet Our Team

All our teachers are university educated and qualified. They come from all over the world and bring fresh approaches to the learning. They bring a sense of purpose to the lessons that puts a focus on improvement. The staff and the pupils make for a rich multicultural environment that is a model of social integration.


I am a licensed language instructor authorized by the Higher Education Office.
Rachel H.

Rachel H.

Discovering cultures behind every language is a journey to be appreciated.
Daniela D.

Daniela D.

Director / Instructor
I am passionate about exploring other languages and discovering different cultures behind every country.

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